An individual’s fingerprint is a unique, human feature, that serves as a long-term marker of their personal identity. Taking one’s fingerprints provides a reliable source of personal identification. It is effective because of its permanency, uniqueness, and simplicity in application. Fingerprints are very exclusive to an individual, to the extent that no two persons, not even identical twins, have the same fingerprints.

OTS Fingerprinting Services

OTS Services is proud to be accredited by the RCMP to capture and submit fingerprints to obtain an individual’s Canadian criminal background check, for civil purposes.

A Criminal Background Check may be used for several different reasons. This information can potentially be obtained through a simple name-based search. However, often it is necessary to incorporate a fingerprint search. Especially to ensure the accuracy of the identity.

OTS Services provides precise fingerprinting services for following the purposes:

RCMP Electronic Fingerprinting

Electronic fingerprinting, also known as a live scan, is an inkless, electronic means of capturing fingerprints in a digitized format, then subsequently transmitting them to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Information System (CCRTIS). The CCRTIS will analyze and compare the fingerprints with the RCMP’s database.

If the record comes back clear, the individual will receive a certificate that indicates there is no criminal record. However, if the individual has ever been charged and/or convicted of a criminal offence, it will be listed within the results, along with the date(s), place, and disposition of the charge and/or conviction.

FBI and “Ink & Roll”

“Ink & Roll” fingerprints are the traditional way of capturing fingerprints using paper and ink. However, in Canada, traditional “Ink & Roll” has been replaced by digital or electronic fingerprinting. All fingerprint submissions to the RCMP must be submitted electronically, with only a couple of exceptions. These exceptions include: when dealing with certain Federal Government Offices that require Ink fingerprints on RCMP C216C Forms, or for individuals whose fingerprint condition is too poor to be submitted electronically.

OTS Services offers both electronic and traditional Ink & Roll fingerprint services. We provide the approved FBI Fingerprint Card FD-258 for capturing fingerprints by way of Ink & Roll. This method is commonly used when seeking foreign background checks and/or FBI checks.

RCMP Fingerprints from outside of Canada

OTS Services accepts requests for Fingerprinting Services from individuals who are outside of Canada. We have the experience and expertise to assist with obtaining an individual’s RCMP Background Check whether an individual is in the country or not.

If interested, we will provide the person with very detailed information on how to proceed in the country one is in. We provide all necessary documentation, including the forms required for having fingerprints taken out-of-country. Once we receive your Ink & Roll fingerprints, we will digitize your fingerprints and submit them electronically to the RCMP.

*On February 1, 2017, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) implemented its new mandatory criminal record check process, which requires electronic fingerprinting.

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